Our Perspective

“Your project is near and dear to our hearts” Snatum Kaur

“Kundalini Yoga made me feel good about myself. It was the final step in letting go of the demon.” Reba Palmer

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At New Pathways Retreat Center, we believe in you and your body’s ability to transform back to its natural balanced state of being, through connecting to all aspects of nature. We provide the framework in an environment of supported self-effort, for you to do the work to facilitate your own healthy state of self-empowerment.

Eating disorders are not just a misguided attempt to be thin. Each case is unique, and there are many factors and theories as to the cause. One common belief is that the individual is simply too close to her mother. However, placing blame is not logical or constructive. From a young age, girls are bombarded with images of women who are unrealistically thin. Without a good understanding of diet and nutrition, what may start out as a well-intentioned attempt to lose weight may turn into an eating disorder. Some may be motivated to restrict and control when other areas of their lives feel out of control. In general, when the brain is starved of essential nutrients for long enough, a distorted perception of self can set in. Those who get this illness are often exceptionally intelligent, driven, and high achieving perfectionists with an exceptionally sensitive nature. Many who have recovered have expressed that the illness feels like being possessed by an irresistible urge to not eat. This perplexes family and friends who often feel that the individual is just being difficult.

Why a holistic approach?

A holistic approach to healing includes balancing the physiology naturally to positively affect the psychology. Our program for healthy living aims to inspire the individual to adopt healthy living practices that facilitate transformation back to wholeness.

An Ecologically Sustainable Community

New Pathways’ vision is to be an ecologically sustainable, conscious community that supports individuals who are overcoming eating disorders (secondary care).

Come walk with us into the future of sustainability. Our vision is to create a community based on core values of ecologically sustainable living and natural health and healing in order to support each other and our clients’ total health. New structures will meet green building codes and blend in to the natural farm landscape. The main log cabin house already features repurposed maritime lumber. Clients will sleep on hypoallergenic Duxiana beds and be surrounded by natural materials. In the kitchen, the community will cook with organic food, some grown by local farmers and some from our organic garden and greenhouse. Outdoors, the meditation hall and spa will be nestled in the trees, and a boardwalk will run to the river’s edge, where an above ground pool will give residents an opportunity to cool off and relax on the shaded deck on hot summer’s days.

Our Secondary Care Program is Designed to Support a Full Recovery

Research shows that Kundalini Yoga has the capacity to create new neuro-pathways in the brain, effectively creating new healthy behavior patterns. Low serotonin – the feel-good neurotransmitter – has also been linked to the development of an eating disorder. We combine Kundalini Yoga with a program of whole foods that includes cooking and gardening. Ayurvedic massage calms the nervous system, and our horse-guided healing gives our clients an opportunity to connect with these naturally empathetic animals. Art classes provide an opportunity for creative self-expression. Our staff of healers includes individual, group, and family counselors that support the healing process.

We stand apart in our gentle, holistic approach to healing eating disorders.