About Our Program

Kundalini Yoga 
Yoga = union of the mind, body and soul. Through the practice of this ancient yogic technology that strengthens the body; mind and nervous system bringing greater self awareness, the individual gains the wisdom to become the master creator of their life.

This ancient science includes massage that soothes the nervous system, and promotes feelings of peace and calm.

Whole Foods
Our whole foods education program includes gardening, nutritional education,  and cooking classes for interested clients.

Art and Music
Classes include, drawing, painting, and pottery making. Music is integral in our daily yoga practice,and will also include drumming circles.

Horse Guided Healing
An innovative program based on connecting the individual with horses, which are very intuitive empathic animals.

Light Healing
NASA tested and approved way to destress with full spectrum light therapy.

A staff of compassionate professionals counselors and healers provide a supportive nurturing environment for integrative growth and self healing.

“Your business plan is complete and solid – it is a worthwhile business.” Lisa Helps, Founder of Community Microlending

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